Let go and find strength at Petschnighof

Wellness and sauna area

Vitalizing and nourishing treatments

With your family vacation at Petschnighof in Carinthia you give your body its well-deserved time out. Find your way back to strength with our versatile wellness program.

Say goodbye to daily tensions and blockages. Feel the invigorating effect of a professional massage and benefit from the positive effects of deep relaxation in the dreamlike surroundings of our Petschnighof in Carinthia.

Classic partial body massage
Pampers the back and relieves hardening and tension.

Classic full body massage
Releases blockages and brings relaxation to body and mind.

Hot stone massage
Fascinating combination between massage, aromatherapy and energy treatment. Body and mind are brought into harmony. Stress is released, negative energies are neutralized and blockages are removed.

Foot reflexology

Give your feet a break! Tension is released through pleasant pressure and circular movements. After that, walk again as if on clouds.

– Classic partial body massage 40 € (25 min.)

– Classic full body massage 70 € (50 min.)

– Hot Stone Massage 80 € (50 min.)

– Foot reflexology 40€ (25 min.)

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Your personal retreat with a lot of comfort

Feel good in the sauna world

Switch off properly and come to rest in the pleasant warmth of the comfortably designed sauna area of our family resort Petschnighof in Carinthia.

Taking a sauna activates your body’s defenses, relaxes muscles and increases your heart rate. Regular sauna visits improve the quality of sleep and also increase mental well-being. Would you like to start right away? The wellness and sauna program of the Petschnighof in Austria offers everything for the reboot of your physical and mental mindfulness.

Only domestic wood was used for our saunas. Feel the natural relaxation in our pine sauna or Finnish sauna with spruce wood. Afterwards, you can cool off in the plunge pool with Diex mountain spring water.

In our light-flooded relaxation room with a view of the mountains, your pulse will calm down and a feeling of deep contentment will set in. Your family hotel with sauna world is therefore the ideal retreat in beautiful Carinthia.

Enjoy a unique panoramic view at temperatures around 70 °C that are easy on the circulation.

In this sauna you can really break a sweat at 90-95 °C. Essential oils of spruce or lemon deepen the relaxation effect.

In the plunge pool with crystal clear water from our own spring you will regain your energy.

Twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, our saunas may also be used with bathing suits. Please refer to the notice board for the exact times.

Please note:

The sauna area (except family sauna) is textile-free zone. Children are admitted only from the age of 14.

Recharge your batteries & find serenity
Gentle energy and heat for the skin

Invigorating steam bath and infrared light

Forget your everyday life in the wellness area of the Petschnighof in Diex and dedicate yourself only to your physical and mental regeneration.

If you can’t handle the high temperatures of the sauna but still want blissful relaxation, then the infrared cabin and steam room offer nice alternatives. The natural aromatherapy and invigorating brine infusions of the steam bath promote health and well-being.

In the infrared cabin you will become calm and serene with soothing heat and soft light. This will help you especially if you suffer from tension and pain in your back. In contrast to the sauna, the temperatures in the infrared cabin are significantly lower, ranging from 30 to 50 °C. The heat radiates directly to the skin without the need to heat the air in the room.